Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break Saturday! Call for Slices March 22

Hey There My Slicers Peeps!
How's your Saturday going so far?
Here's your call to link your slices...remember to get the URL for your post and not your whole blog!
Here's a bit of weekend inspiration for you from Anna Gratz Cockerville 
on Day 14 of the Classroom Challenge:

Samuel Beckett once wrote:
"James Joyce was a synthesizer, trying to bring in as much as he could. I am an analyzer, trying to leave out as much as I can."
Today as you write, consider: Are you a synthesizer or an analyzer? Are you the kind of writer who strives to capture every detail, to make your writing come alive with description? Or are you the kind of writer who favors simplicity, who aims to strip away all but the essential?
Honor the kind of writer you are, and aim to make your writing the best it can be, in whatever style you choose to write.
Don't let your writing relax even though it's Spring Break...
stretch those muscles!  
Google around for some good ideas and write them! 
Can't wait to see what you come up with...make it your best! 
I have a busy day today, so you have a late deadline...9pm!
Text a friend...encourage them to blog their slice as well!


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